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Extending a hand

Here at Realcare, we have spent the days, weeks and months since the Ides of March 2020 adjusting to new circumstances as, of course, have you.

We reeled at the reports of neglect coming out of personal care homes, we changed our staffing practices for increased safety of elder persons in care homes, we fought to procure PPE for our front-line heroes, we continued to take calls for service, we waited and wondered. Just like you.

Now, as we are all adjusting to our new normal, we want to extend a hand. We will be filling this space with content we know to be useful to patients and families navigating the medical and home-care system.

We will be offering information on patient advocacy, powers of attorney, Homecare insurance and when to consider it, crafting a living will, applying for government subsidy of Homecare so you can choose your service provider and have peace of mind and flexibility to age in place. We have long offered one-on-one advice in these matters and will continue to do so but it is time to democratize that which should not be privileged information. It is time to share the knowledge our founder, Elba Haid, has accrued over her 26-years in the field.

We will also offer a look into the rewarding careers that are possible in this industry and the Community Service projects we hold near and dear to our hearts.

We will share the latest research on healthful living for seniors, offer interviews with experts in nutrition, active living and brain health.

We will even share our favourite recipes.

We are reaching out a hand because we are all in this together and we are here to help.

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